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"People Are Talking" Worksheet
Topic: Friendship

We have begun a new unit in reading. The theme is "Working Together". I would like the children to do a related book report on Friendship.
They will select a book at the library on Tuesday. You may use this book or select one of your own. You may read the book to your child, with your child or he/she may read it on their own. You will find the book report worksheet attached. The book report is brief and, I hope, fun to do. The library books are due back on Tuesday, November 23rd. The reports will be due on Monday, November 22nd.
For grading purposes, I will follow a basic 5 point rubric. (5 being the highest.) Students will be graded on neatness, conventions, and clarity.
Please help and give guidance to your child where needed. Do not do the project for them!
Thank you,
Mrs. Dadona :)